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Clients always ask Robyn and her team what they eat and what kind of recipes they recommend. Meal planning around nutritional needs is a priority for the Healthy Results team, which is apparent in their healthy lifestyles. Robyn and her team often refer to books to learn more about nutrition.


What is the best way to supplement healthy eating habits?

Increasing caloric expenditure (increasing activity and exercise each day) is the best supplement to healthier eating contributing to appropriate fat loss, not just weight loss. Implementing a nutrition plan alone will run you the risk of losing muscle as well as fat. In order to maintain and increase your muscle mass, it is imperative that increased calorie burning and muscle building become a part of one’s daily routine as well.

A simple and economical tool for measuring caloric expenditure is a pedometer.
A pedometer attaches to the belt/waist on pants, shirts, etc. As you walk, run, move throughout the day, the pedometer tracks your hip movements. Most professionals recommend 10,000 steps per day, approximately 4 miles. The pedometer can also be fixed on to a shoe to track bicycle movement.

The cost of a pedometer starts at just $10, depending on the sophistication of the tool. Healthy Results promotes the Omron and Sportline pedometers, since these brands have pedometers that clip on and typically stay on, store steps for 7 days and is more accurate with steps recorded.

For more information about incorporating healthy eating and exercise into your current life, contact Healthy Results at

Latissimus Dorsi

The Latissimus Drosi, or commonly called “lats”, are bilateral muscles that cover a large area of the back.

The large muscle has 4 orgin points:

  • vertebral part
  • scapular part
  • costal part
  • iliac part

Where do these parts go?

latsThe vertebral part extends from thorasic spinus processes T7-T12 as well as the thoracolumbar fascia (the connective tissue covering the deep muscles of the back). The scapular part originates from the inferior angle of the scaplua. The costal part attaches from the 9th-12th ribs. Finally, the illiac part originates from the posterior 1/3 portion of the iliac crest. The only isertion point of this muscle is the lesser tuberosity of the humerus.

What is the significance of the insertion point?

The insertion point allows for internal rotation of the arm. Internal rotation also utilizes the biceps brachii muscles. Additonal actions include adduction, extension and respiration.


The most famous exercise to engage both the biceps brachii and the latissimus dorsi is the lat pull down. When done correctly, this exercise is an excellent way to engage multiple muscles thereby increasing efficency in a workout.

How is this exercise done properly?

Begin in a seated position
Grip bar at 45 degree angle from the center of the body
Lean back slightly

While maintaining scapular depression (shoulders down), pull the bar in at an angle into your chest. Concentrate on activating the latissimus dorsi in a slow and controlled movement. With the same degree of control, extend the bar back to starting position.

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