Addressing COVID-19

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As everyone is aware, COVID19 is a disease that evolves from the novel virus SARScov 2. Due to the global pandemic of the early mortality that can occur from COVID19, personal training has become a field that is not only affected by physical distancing, but also can provide a potential life changing and life-saving benefit to individuals seeking to gain a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Results shifted toward a 100% virtual platform March 13, 2020. Since then, clients have been using the virtual platform that is most comfortable for each person (google hang out, facetime, google duo, zoom ,etc). Health Coaching has continued to be a virtual platform as it always has been, mainly using phone calls to host sessions, and video calling on request.

As an Illinois based company, we follow the appropriate guidelines for each phase as it changes with in-person personal training session.

The physical distance guidelines continue to be:

staying 6 feet apart

if 6 feet apart is not possible, then wearing masks