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Below is a list of fitness services and descriptions offered.

Fitness Fix (Small group fitness classes)

Personal Training (Private or Semi-private)

Exercise Consulting (Initial or Check-in)

Running, Triathlon, and Endurance Racing Specific Plans

Redefining Personal Training

Healthy Results provides personal training in more than just the traditional sense. We go beyond the “one-on-one” session.

Traditional Personal Training: Regular weekly sessions, being guided through each strength training or cardio coaching workout, side by side with a degreed Personal Trainer. Sessions are available. Initial consultation required to get started. We do not offer packages.

Program Personal Training: Set up an initial consultation and find out how much guidance you truly need with your workout programs. You may only need to meet with a degreed Personal Trainer monthly, quarterly or every six months! If you are independently motivated and just want your current program revamped occasionally, injury risk assessed and a new program developed, programs with built in progressions, then sign up now!

Personal Training by Skype:  Healthy Results now offers personal training in your home, from your hotel room when you travel, or anywhere that is convenient for you via Skype or Gchat.  Getting exercise into your busy daily schedule can be challenging.  Training by Skype is one way to simplify your life, reduce the private fee of personal training yet still reap the benefits of an individualized workout.

Testimonial re: personal training via SKYPE
I have greatly enjoyed, and greatly benefitted from, being a Healthy Results client for many years. So when my work schedule no longer worked with our personal training schedule, I looked for a way to continue training with the Healthy Results team. We decided to try internet-enabled personal training (using Skype) and it’s been terrific. I use the basic equipment in my home and Robyn directs and encourages my workout just as she does in the gym. It never fails to impress me that she can see and make the smallest adjustments to ensure proper form (and keep me honest) during each rep! I am so pleased with this solution, enjoy using this technology in a new way, and most importantly I continue to see great results from our sessions.  – Diane K

Personal Training — One-on-One Exercise Instruction

One-on-one exercise sessions allow for very individualized personal professional fitness coaching, which mainly focus on strength training, but can also include flexibility, cardiovascular, core and balance training. Our thorough health, fitness and body composition screening includes: posture analysis, movement analysis, weight, body composition (body fat %, circumferences and BMI measured) analyses, discussion of exercise and health history, exercise and activity preferences, goals both long term and short term, following sessions are then designed with your individual goals based on your current fitness and health status. We meet you where you are at and take you to where you want to go.

Personal Cardiovascular Training by Heart Rate

Sign up for this program and in 30 minutes your estimated maximum heart rate will be determined by a sub-maximum heart rate test. This will maximize your workout programs as they can now be tailored according to your heart rate.

This model can be ideal for those who require strength training and cardiovascular fitness per a physician’s prescription. Note: Clients with specific health needs are required to bring the physician’s assessment referral form with them.

Clients find this model of highly individualized attention and personal accountability to the trainer to be motivating.

Meet our personal trainers:

Founder and Exercise Physiologist Robyn Kretschy Becker, M.S. (ACE, NSCA-CPT, NASM-CPT) stays true to her philosophy which is grounded in the belief that a combination of exercise, nutrition and proper lifestyle choices is a means to gain a healthier lifestyle. Robyn is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant (LWMC) as well as an NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified Personal Trainer. Robyn is an Adjunct Professor at Loyola University for Exercise Science and at Malcom X – City Colleges for Personal Trainer Certification program, as well as the Interim Program Medical Director for the Personal Fitness Training Program. She also works closely with ACE subject matter expert for the LWMC certification standardization. If you are looking to make those necessary lifestyle changes through exercise and wellness coaching, Robyn will work very closely with you to ensure those changes take place and your goals are met. Robyn, as a multi-marathon runner and triathlete, also helps individuals meet endurance-race needs. She is a mom who enjoys spending time being active with her son and husband.

Sarah Gucwa, Exercise Coordinator, is our innovative and dedicate Healthy Results fitness team member.  Sarah is a 2012 graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago and holding her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.  She is a creative trainer who brings out the inner strength in clients, while assessing and correcting for proper form during the workouts.  No two workouts are the same with Sarah.  She focuses on helping clients improve overall fitness level and health, and is great at putting together exercise programs to help you look and feel your best in your daily life. You will feel challenged in your workout just after one session with Sarah!


Healthy Results personal training sessions can take place in a client’s home or residential fitness facility, or at various Healthy Results community partner locations in the city:

In Lincoln Park at the progressive health care facility Chicago Spine and Sports at 922 West Diversey

In the Suburbs, at the elegant retirement community, The Garlands of Barrington, in Barrington, IL

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Fitness Fix – small group fitness classes

Fitness Fix is a 45-minute motivating class combining exercises for cardio, strength and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). All fitness levels are encouraged to participate and attend. We make modifications to adjust to all individuals who strive toward improvements in any area of health, increases in overall body strength and have set goals toward performance enhancement, weight loss and building confidence. Small classes (maximum 4 participants) are designed to provide individualized instruction with small group encouragement.

  • Affordable workouts ($20 per class – packages available)
  • High Intensity Interval programs
  • Customized for your fitness level
  • Comfortable and supportive environment


  • Muscular strength
  • Muscle Mass (decreasing fat mass)
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Self Confidence
  • Overall energy level
  • What participants are saying about Fitness Fix:
    “I’ve always been afraid of boot camp style classes but Tiffany is great. She works with each student on modifications and is an all around great motivator. Killer workout!”

    “I love the personal attention of this class and that I get to work every part of my body. I don’t ever feel over exerted, but I do feel like a get a great workout.”

    “Excellent class. Challenging without being beyond my abilities. Instructor provided modifications or changes when I struggled with some of the exercises. I left feeling energized. Nice small classes, very intimate, which I prefer over the larger, louder studios”

    “I liked that it was a constant and intense workout, but personal, so if I was doing an exercise wrong or needed a modification I had the attention of someone to help. I also enjoyed switching stations regularly to give other parts of my body a break while I worked another.”

Follow this link to Robyn Becker and reserve your spot for Fitness Fix!

Fitness Fix Classes Offered:
Evenings: Monday (7:30pm), Tuesday (7:30pm), Wednesday (7:45pm)
Weekends: Saturday (1:45pm) & Sunday (9:00am, 10:15am, 11:15am, 12:15pm)

Fitness Fix Lead Trainer:

Tiffany White, B.S., ACSM, Certified Personal Trainer, holds a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from University of Illinois at Chicago. Tiffany’s positive attitude and energy brings out the best in our clients and helps motivate them to move more and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Tiffany leads the small group Fitness Fix classes, and has been praised for modifying exercises as need and an “all around great motivator!”  Tiffany also works as the Rehabilitation Assistant with Chicago Spine and Sports, and helps patients transition smoothly from rehabilitation back to healthy and pain free exercise. Tiffany spends her free time staying active herself as well as volunteering with health education organizations, such as the Purple Asparagus.

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Exercise Consulting

Do you already have a consistent workout routine, but need something new? Have you stopped seeing results with your current program? Consult an exercise specialist to change your workout routine and see results. Our trainers have the expertise necessary to examine your current program and redesign your fitness program to ensure you see the results you are looking to benefit from your exercise regime.

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Running and Triathlon Specific Plans

Whether you are entering your first race or are working toward improving your race performance, Healthy Results will tailor your training based on your resting and training heart rate, current strength and flexibility level to meet your strength and endurance needs. Our trainers are skilled at program design, using fitness standard measurements such as sub-maximal heart rate testing, upper and lower agility performance tests prepare you to race at your utmost efficiency. We will work with your current training device of choice (whether it be Fitbit, NIKE, Garmin, etc) and use those tracking reports in order to help you reach and exceed your race goals. We also work intimately with our Chiropractors and Rehabilitation professionals in order to help you reduce your risk of injury throughout your training program. If you do encounter any risk of injury, our in house sports and performance medical professionals and massage therapists are highly qualified to ensure you are back to training sooner than later.

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Email to set up your test today for our $99 rate. Your appointment is scheduled for 45 minutes.