Getting Started

Make a 10% change in one of the above daily healthy Lifestyle practices and improve one of your health markers by 10% in 10-16 weeks (time depends on you)

This is how we set a SMART goal! Be specific, measure it, make it achievable and realistic and in a timely fashion

What is a health marker?

A health marker is a measurable physiological or mechanical function in your body, such as blood pressure or waist circumference, and can help determine your health lifestyle status. While there are no guarantees, it is known that improving one health marker will help reduce your risk for chronic diseases as well as improve your health immunity. Looking at all markers and determining your risk for disease collectively is ideal. However, simplify your goal and behavior changes and start with improving one health marker.

Healthy Results considers the following measures to be health markers:


Circumference measurements around your waist

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Blood glucose levels

Cholesterol levels

Blood pressure

Heart rate (resting heart rate, exercising heart rate at same loads)

Pain levels in your body


How can you do this?

Starting at your baseline and make small incremental yet compounding healthy lifestyle changes, you can make markedly strong improvements to your health and reduce your overall risk for chronic conditions and diseases, comorbidities and early mortality.

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