Health Coaching

Expertise in health and immunity

Utilize the latest COVID-19 literature

Create an individualized plan to keep you safe and healthy

Health Coaches have a positive impact on the improvement of an individual’s relationship with each individual to help identify unhealthy habits and work on strategies to implement the healthy habits. By making these changes in daily life, it is possible to improve overall health and reduce risk for chronic disease, improve the body’s ability to fight off viruses and infections and reduce early mortality


How does Health Coaching work?


The process of working with a health coach is to have an open dialogue with your Health Coach about your goals, lifestyle behaviors (current and past), obstacles and overall daily living activities. With each session, you will work toward breaking down what you can work on to achieve your goal(s) into very manageable changes from day to day. The main idea is to slowly incorporate these changes so that they become part of your daily living and continue building upon them. With this process, your relationship with your Health Coach will develop and foster as well.


  • Help identify unhealthy habits and minimize those behaviors
  • Develop strategies to implement the healthy habits
  • Assist with meals and grocery shopping prep
  • Provide healthy cooking ideas and tips
  • Suggest nutrious choices for restaurant eating
  • Learn how to incorporate more physical activity into each day
  • Gain and use tools to reduce stress


The sessions begin with 3 session packages and single sessions to continue forward. It has been shown that a minimum of 3 sessions is ideal for the individual and health coach to allow for the relationship to effectively develop.


Per peer reviewed research articles, it has been found that Health Coaching helps people manage chronic conditions in the following ways:


Heart Disease

Admission rates for cardiac symptoms in postcardiac rehabilitation patients have been shown to be lower for those working with health coaches, many healthy behaviors have been shown to improve with health coaching interventions such as better diet, increasing days of exercising, quitting smoking and lowering alcohol consumption.



Positive impact has been shown in overall studies



87% of the studies reviewed had a positive impact on weight reduction and/or BMI through positive changes in exercise and nutrition behaviors


Cancer patients

Improving psychological outcomes & quality of life, some found improvements in nutritional and exercise  behavior


High cholesterol management

Most studies showed improvement in some area of health such as BMI, blood pressure and LDL cholesterol and some showed psotive change in nutritional and exercise behaviors



Improvements in interventions as a result of health coaching lasted for up to 2 years and studies overwhelmingly showed improvements in declining A1C levels with no negative results on A1C