Do you track calories in AND Calories out?

Check out this article from the NY Times to find out why both are important:
How Much Exercise to Work Off This Sandwich?

We have established ourselves within a community of healthcare providers, focusing on a range of individuals seeking healthier lifestyles through education, exercise and nutrition planning.

We, the Healthy Results team, are not only fitness professionals, but also collaborate with physicians and healthcare experts, including our new partners: Healthier Tomorrows.

The Importance of working with a Dietician

A firm belief from any Healthy Results team member is that proper health is achieved through the attention and expertise from a variety of health care professionals.

Working with a dietitian ensures proper, individualized nutrition, including awareness of interactions with any supplements or medications. An individualized plan results in proper calorie and other nutritional intake for each individual. A cookie-cutter meal plan is simply not individualized and not the ideal way to plan one’s nutrition.

We are excited to highly recommend Healthier Tomorrows, a group nutrition practice located just down the street at 561 West Diversey Parkway, who follow Illinois nutrition regulation and are RDs (registered dietitians) and LDs (licensed dietitians), for your specific nutrition needs such as diet analysis, meal planning and supplement recommendations are beyond the scope of our fitness professionals.

Healthy Results fitness professionals are aware of the legal realms in this field and stay within those realms, referring clients to the Healthy Results dietician when clients require outside of scope nutrition consultations.