Personal Training

What is the benefit of working with a personal fitness trainer and /or health coach?

Many of the people who become critically ill have previously struggled with chronic conditions such as coronary heart disease or have sneaky underlying conditions that can be prevented, treated and possibly reversed by improving daily lifestyle habits such as(1) :

  • Exercise
  • Nutritious eating
  •  Sleep
  • Meditation and stress reduction practices
Exercise Immunology is an emerging field that examines the response the body has from exercising and exposure to infections such as influenza and other viruses as well as cancer. It has been shown that consistent moderate exercise can reduce symptoms if infected from a virus as well as the risk to infect others. The benefits to exercise are countless, and now Healthy Results is closely following the field of exercise immunology and how the impact of exercise in addition to other healthy habits may have a large benefit on fighting exposure to the novel virus SARSCOV 2.

Personal fitness trainers directly impact the improvement of an individual’s exercise adherence by providing professional instruction and programs for exercise.


Ways personal trainers directly impact the improvement of an individual’s exercise adherence by:

  • Providing professional instruction
  • Writing individualized programs for exercise
  • Viirtual personal training sessions offered in 15 minute or more increments
  • In-person one on one personal fitness training sessions per updated guidelines (continuing to follow guidelines from multiple guidelines: Illinois Department of Public Health, California Fitness Alliance, IDEA Health and Fitness Association)
Personal Fitness Training sessions have become an effective way for the fitness industry to keep up with clients. We can use the platform that you are most comfortable with: Facetime, Google hangout, Google Duo, etc. Ways to help make the most of a virtual training session:

  • Use a device that is larger such as lap top or tablet / ipad so that the trainer is larger on your screen (smart phones will work)
  • Find a spot that the device can sit up on its own for a view of you exercising on the floor and another position that can show a full view of you exercising while standing
  • Make sure you have one body length available of width by length in the space (think of your mat and making that a square area)
  • Bring your equipment into the room you are exercising ready and available (if the equipment is stored in a different area)
The Personal Fitness Trainer will continue to:
  • Provide you with verbal cues to help ensure your form is safe
  • Demonstrate the exercises at different angles so you can follow the example
  • Modify as you go when needed
  • Create ways you can perform exercises using your home furniture and items safely