After a long hiatus, I finally decided to make a commitment to working out. I had been pretty disciplined for about two years. And while I saw improvement as it related to weight training, I had not made any improvement aerobically. I was running a mile at the same pace after almost two years.

Knowing Robyn is a runner as well as a trainer, I asked her how I could best improve my time. She listened to what I was already doing and then suggested that I try interval training. She gave me a few specific workouts and after following for just three weeks, I started to show some improvement. I am continuing to follow the workouts and hope to further improve my mile pace.

I appreciate that Robyn first listened me and then let me know how I could improve. I also appreciate that she encouraged me and felt confident that I could improve. Without her support, I am not sure I would have made the improvement that I did.
Heidi L.

Robyn is easy to work with and not intimidating, although she still makes you push yourself. Since I have been working with her, I’ve gotten stronger and more flexible and, most important of all, my bone density has actually increased by 5 percent (according to my doctor, this is a really great improvement).
Donna W.

When I first started working with Healthy Results, I could barely run two miles. I felt much older than my actual age. Robyn pushed me every week and now I am best shape of my life and doing marathons with ease. Thank you for your help and inspiration.
40 yr old marathon runner

Robyn has been my trainer for 9 months and its been a wonderful experience. Her knowledge of women’s health issues and healthy habits have been very motivational for me and I’ve learned so much. She is a great listener, I trust her completely and enjoy my workouts with her.
Jennifer S.

Just got done seeing my doctor and he was blown away by my results – weight, body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. He is a strong proponent of preventative care and said I am doing a fantastic job and wishes all his patients could make the same lifestyle changes I have made with regards to regular exercise and diet. You are a big part of my success so I wanted to thank you right away!
Raffi M.

Testimonial regarding our “Step It Up” program and using a pedometer:

I’d say that the pedometer has definitely influenced my life for the better. It makes me aware of what kind of physical progress I make per day (it quantifies it) and helps me be able to see, numerically, what progress I’m making toward a more healthy lifestyle. It’s worked wonders for my physical and spiritual health!
Justin P.

I’m pushing 70 and have been in Robyn’s care for over 6 years. the ravages of aging are not easy to defend against, but with Robyn’s careful guidance, we are doing pretty well she constantly introduces me to things I know I cant do; only to discover that, in fact, I can whether i am hunting in the 11,000 foot mountains of Colorado in the winter, standing in front of a class for 10 hours a day or dealing with the trials and tribulations of a 30 day sea cruise, Robyn’s coaching is always with me.
Robyn has an important role on my life and I’m glad I let her in.
Michael H.

“Robyn inspires me primarily for two reasons 1) I know that she truly cares about my progress and therefore I want to show up every week stronger than the week before to show her that I appreciate her support and concern 2) I know that Robyn is highly qualified as a trainer, and working with the best is always an inspiration. I can trust her direction and therefore do not hesitate to take and implement her instruction.”
Carrie L.

Healthy Results is proud to announce Carrie has been featured in Chicago Scene as 1 of Chicago’s Best Dressed – see page 164