Weight Loss


Weight and Lifestyle Management Programs

Private Programs include:

  • Initial introductory session
  • Two 60 minutes exercise sessions per week
  • One 90 minute exercise session per week
  • Weekly review of food intake (virtual or in-person)
  • Motivation and Health Coaching sessions every 2-3 weeks, 30 minutes each
  • Individualized Exercise program
  • Measurements (i.e. weigh-ins) accountability scheduled, as agreed upon

Group program (between 2 and 5 people per group) includes:

  • Private initial introductory session
  • 2 weekly group fitness / health sessions:
    Wednesday 6:30 pm & Saturday 8:30 am
  • Weekly review of food intake (virtual)
  • Motivation and Health Coaching sessions monthly, 15-30 minutes
  • Individualized Exercise program
  • Measurement (i.e. weigh-ins) accountability scheduled, as agreed upon
  • Discounts for other Healthy Results programs
*We request a 3 month commitment sign on for programs


I’ve had a wonderful experience with Healthy Results! When I started out with Robyn and Kirsten, I was fat, out of shape, discouraged, feeling irreversibly frumpy and in a lot of pain from sciatica. My wasit-to-hip ratio was dangerously out of whack. I could rarely walk, even at a slow pace, more than a few blocks without sitting down to relieve the pain. I even dreaded trips to the grocery store or standing to prepare a salad because the pain was so strong!
Robyn and Kirsten were there with constant, heartfelt encouragement and counseling, and personal, precise exercises tailored perfectly to build my stamina and address, and finally almost eliminate, the pain. They were both always on the lookout for new tried-and-true ways of inspiring me and tweaking my exercises and attitude.

Now, I can “power walk” for miles! I’ve lost over 16 pound, and, more importantly, I’ve lost over 5 inches in my waist, as well as inches all over! I credit Kirsten and Robyn’s training, experience and particularly their patient understanding and TLC!
Colleen C.

Colleen has been a client since 2005 and continues to lose weight and improve her health!

I was starting to think I was just going to have to settle for being overweight and unhealthy. But for some reason I gave it another shot with this program. Ad now, through the program and Robyn and Kirsten’s amazing customized support and counsel, I am now truly a different person inside and out. instead of someone who thought of herself as lacking the will power or energy to make real change, I am now a person who has successfully completed a 10K (with plans for a half marathon!), a person who isn’t embarrassed to tell sales people her pant size, a person who feels energized and confident and, at times, a downright unstoppable! I now have tools I will use the rest of my life.
Diane K.

Diane went on to complete the Dublin marathon and continues now with half marathons!