About Healthy Results

For over 10 years, Healthy Results, which began as a company providing only fitness services, has evolved into a company of professionals who provide fitness, nutrition, wellness and coaching services. Healthy Results clients are focused on working toward specific goals to obtain healthier lifestyles and our experts work as a team to help individuals achieve those goals.

Healthy Results is now a solid community providing education, exercise and nutrition planning and varied support for individuals working closely with one of the highly experienced Healthy Results team members.

Who we serve:

The Healthy Results team provides professional personal training and wellness services to all individuals who are serious about health improvement and dedication required when taking the necessary steps to change and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Healthy Results embraces working with each person, no matter the range in fitness levels, to help he or she reach life changing goals.

On a daily basis, Healthy Results works personally with patients of special populations such as prenatal, post-natal, diabetics, obesity, menopause, osteoporosis, seniors and other high-risk individuals.

Aside from special populations, the Healthy Results team also works with individuals on performance enhancement, helping them reach their goals in athletics. From a first-time 5k or marathon runner or triathlon participant to an experienced athlete, Healthy Results can help individuals reach ongoing goals such as race time, injury prevention, etc. Healthy Results works very closely with endurance runners and helps them to achieve their goals through corrective exercise on imbalances and appropriate training progression.

The Healthy Results Team:

The Healthy Results team is not only fitness professionals, but also a collaboration of physicians and healthcare experts, such as Psycho-therapist, Life Coach, Dietitian, Massage Therapist and Osteopathic, Medical and Chiropractic Physicians to help treat individuals appropriately. A firm belief from any Healthy Results team member is that proper health is achieved through the attention and expertise from a variety of health care professionals.

Team Members:

Robyn L Kretschy, Exercise Specialist and Founder of Healthy Results, provides professional personal fitness and conditioning guidance to individuals – from those seeking to attain health through fitness to the regular marathon runner. With nearly 15 years of experience in the fitness and wellness field, Robyn’s strength is in creating very personalized plans that provide motivation for individuals who sign on with Healthy Results.

Sarah Gucwa, Exercise Coordinator and Specialist, is a 2012 graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago and holding her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.

Sarah is a creative trainer who brings out the inner strength in clients, while assessing and correcting for proper form during the workouts.  No two workouts are the same with Sarah.

She focuses on helping clients improve overall fitness level and health, and is great at putting together exercise programs to help you look and feel your best in your daily life. You will feel challenged in your workout just after one session with Sarah!

Healthy Results currently works alongside nationally recognized Osteopathic Physicians Dr. Teresa Hubka and Dr. Angelique Mizera as well as board-certified orthopedic Chiropractic Physicians Dr. Douglas Krebs and Dr. Thomas Donahue, focusing on total health.

What’s new?

We have a few things that are new with Healthy Results.

1.  Training by Skype (or other internet-eneabled avenues such as gchat)

2.  Promotion of Fitbit products!

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Join the team…
Healthy Results also provides an avenue for students in the fitness industry to learn and grow. Healthy Results is contracted with University of Illinois of Chicago, Robyn’s alma mater, as an official competitive and clinical intern site.